2016 Challenge~ Read Tamora Pierce!

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Hello everyone! So, by now, I’m guessing that most of you know who my favorite author is…If you don’t, then *cough* look at the title of this post *cough*

Anyways, I am proud to say that I have read ALL of her books. Yes, every single one of them. And yes, I loved them all. But, here’s the sad part. It has been YEARS since I’ve read them. That’s a problem.


Introducing my 2016 challenge- The READ TAMORA PIERCE challenge! My goal is to re-read every book that she has written. Yes, I love her writing THAT much.


You may be asking- why are you writing a blog post about a challenge that you’re doing? It’s not like anyone is crazy enough to read all of her book in one year (except you).

That’s a great question!

You may have noticed that the title of this challenge is the Read Tamora Pierce challenge. The title was carefully constructed. I want to challenge all of you to join me in reading Tamora Pierce. Do you have to read all of her books? No, absolutely not. I know that she has written quite a few, and most people won’t want to read all of them in one year. But, at the same time, I personally don’t think it’s right just to read one Tamora Pierce book.


I am putting information about all of her series below. You can choose the level of involvement that you’d like- and of course, you can change your goal later in the year if you get hooked and want to read more. 😉

BUT WAIT: There’s something that you need to know about Tamora Pierce before you start…

Her books are divided into TWO universes that are COMPLETELY unrelated. There is a never-ending debate going on between Tamora Pierce fangirls as to which universe is better.

Personally, I prefer the Emelan Universe, but who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind after re-reading all of the books.

So, it’s up to you to choose how you want to go about this challenge. Do you want to read only the Emelan books, or only the Tortall books? Or do you want to read the first quartet in both, and go from there?

What will you choose? I’m curious to find out.

I personally recommend reading her books in this order. All of the books that are contained within the same universe DO relate to each other, so I would highly suggest reading the series in order, rather than skipping around.

I am putting the links to both universes below:

Emelan Universe:
The Circle of Magic Quartet ~  The Circle Opens Quartet ~ Circle Reforged

Tortall Universe: 
The Song of the Lioness Quartet ~  The Immortals Quartet ~ The Protector of the Small Quartet ~ Daughter of the Lioness/Tricksters Series ~ Beka Cooper Series ~ Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales

Okay. I think you have enough information now about the challenge and Tamora Pierce. 

So…Are you going to join me in this challenge? I really hope you do!

If you decide to join me, make sure to write up a post on your blog stating that you’re joining the project, plus add the blog button somewhere! Of course, include your goal in the blog post. Also, sign up by filling out this SUPER SHORT FORM.


I’ve heard from some people that their local libraries don’t carry Tamora Pierce books (which makes me cry inside) so…I have come up with a solution! Introducing… THE TAMORA PIERCE BOOK TOUR! 😀

I will be loaning out the first book in The Song of the Lioness Quartet AND the first book in the Circle of Magic Quartet! I’m so excited to share some of my favorite books with you all!

So, if that sounds like something that you’re interested in, please sign up by filling out this SHORT FORM!

I am really excited for this and I hope you all are too 🙂

List of Blogs Participating:
1. Nori @ ReadWriteLove28



25 responses to “2016 Challenge~ Read Tamora Pierce!

  1. NORI!! THIS IS SO AWESOME!! And I’m totally messing up my goals of only 3 challenges for next year because I’m totally joining up! I want to read more Tamora Pierce and re-read the Alanna quartet (as you know!)!! Awesome challenge!

  2. Okay so I already gushed in your form, but I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!! Not just for rereading Tamora Pierce because I try to do a couple books/quartets every year anyways, but what I’m really pumped about is meeting/interacting with all the Tamora Pierce fans out there!!! Thanks so much!

  3. This is an awesome challenge, Nori! Please don’t hate but I haven’t read anything by Tamora Pierce yet…! I definitely want to change that next year. I don’t think I’ll officially sign up for this reading challenge, but you’ve put Tamora Pierce on my map and since I’m making myself a list of books and authors I’d like to read more of next year I’ll definitely be including her!

  4. I did a little dance when I saw this challenge on Twitter. I haven’t read any Tamora Pierce, but I own the entire Song of the Lioness Quartet. I’ve been looking for an excuse to read them for ages now, so I’m so so excited to actually have a reason!

  5. This is such a great idea I am totally on board with it! I’ve been wanting to reread for a while and this gives me the perfect excuse to do that! Personally I enjoy both series, but for different reasons, so I can’t wait to revisit them!

  6. OMG THANK YOU FOR THIS, NORI! I was devastated when I realized that I missed PierceFest, the last book blogging TP worship event, so I’m really glad that you’re doing a TP readathon and letting us join in! (I also slightly prefer the Emelan universe more than Tortall-verse, but juuuuust slightly…)

  7. So this is what you were talking about…. oh. I didn’t know you did a challenge. I thought you where just talking about the books haha, silly me. Sorry ? I unfortunately haven’t read anything by her yet. But it peeked my interest. Good luck with the challenge xoxo

  8. […] Tamora Pierce Challenge –  Nori made this challenge because she wanted to reread all of Tamora’s books. I’ve read two different series of hers, both in the Tortall universe. I really enjoyed both of them so I decided to join in. In the post, Nori said it’s up to us to pick how many (or little) books of Tamora’s we wanted to read. I plan on reading all of Tamora Pierce’s books […]

  9. Hi!
    Grwat to find a fellow fan. And thank yoz so much for the rwading order. I stopped after Protector in the Tortall universe because I didn’t think I could handle reading about Alanna’s daughter having adventures. The 2 Trickster books have been gathering dust on my shelf for years. (I first read Alanna as a teenager. Now I’m the mom of a preschooler.)
    I’ll go with Circle Reforged for your challenge. Whee does Battle Magic come in? That’s the most recent one I’ve read.
    Cheers and thanks again!

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