ARC Review: Inherit the Stars by Tessa Elwood!!!

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Have you ever read a book, blinked, and then finished the book without even realizing it? That’s what happened to me while reading Inherit the Stars. It was a very quick read, and it was over before I even knew that it had begun.

While reading Inherit the Stars., I don’t think that I ever truly understood what was happening. The main character, Asa, had a couple of flashbacks to events that happened before the book started, but they were never truly explained. I feel as though this book focused on world-building, but forgot to mention the history behind the world. And, for this book, the history behind the world was very important, seeing as there were wars and diseases and lots of broken family relationships. Most of the flashbacks had to do with Wren, Asa’s older sister, who was in a coma. While I loved her loyalty to her sister, I wish that I had known more about their relationship before Wren was knocked unconscious.

There definitely was a plot, and it was unique, but it didn’t appear to be fully developed. I felt like there were many places where the writing fell flat instead of being suspenseful, and I had a “I don’t really care about this” mentality because I just couldn’t connect to anything.

I thought that the romance was okay, but again, nothing special. From the first time that the love interests met, I correctly predicted what was going to happen, so that was a bit disappointing.

Overall, Inherit the Stars was okay, but nothing special. I give it 3/5stars.



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4 responses to “ARC Review: Inherit the Stars by Tessa Elwood!!!

  1. Sarah Cone

    While I agree that the storyline sounds unique, one of my biggest book pet peeves is having unanswered questions/no closure/things not being adequately explained…

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