Discussion Post: Do You Read Certain Genres Depending on Your Mood?

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Why hello there everyone! It’s me, Nori, with a discussion post. *cues gasp* I know, I know, I haven’t had one of these in a while, but the idea just popped into my brain, and so I decided to share it!

Recently I have been in a reading slump. I’m not going to lie- it’s horrible. While I’ve had “reading slumps” before, I never really thought much of them. I generally just thought that I wasn’t reading because I didn’t have any time. But for the past two weeks or so, I haven’t read even when I have had some time to spare. What is happening to me? I really don’t know.

But today, today I finally had a tiny urge to read. I was excited, and then I realized- WHAT SHOULD I READ? After all, I don’t want to read a book that I’m not in the mood for, because it could cause me to go back into a reading slump. I need the perfect book to get me out of this slump.

And then, after that thought appeared in my head, one specific genre started calling my name. “Pick me, I’m sweet and cute and fluffy contemporary! I’ll make you smile! Read me!”

After thinking about it, I realized that I tend to pick specific genres based on my mood. I read light contemporary when I want to smile or when I’m tired, whereas I generally read dark contemporary sandwiched between two fantasy books. I read fantasy when I’m looking for something to inspire me, and when I want to escape this world. I generally read historical fiction after I read a contemporary novel.

Does this happen to you? Do you generally read books based on your mood? Let me know in the comments below!

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23 responses to “Discussion Post: Do You Read Certain Genres Depending on Your Mood?

  1. This is exactly how I am. If I’m tired or feeling down I like to read fluffy stuff like contemporary. Other wise I read fantasy, then some fiction then either a contemporary or a urban fantasy and start the process all over again. I try to keep it mixed up if I’m not reading a series because otherwise I get bored and am likely to DNF the book.

  2. It definitely happens to me. Sometimes I can pick up anything and read it. But more often than not I am guided by my mood towards my next read. It would make no sense for me to read a horror book if I’m feeling anxious or on edge. So I’d probably opt for something bright and fluffy in that instance.

    Sometimes I feel like the books on my tbr pile talk to me.. as in, they tell me which one to choose. Is that a weird thing to admit? :s

  3. I’m definitely a mood reader, I always determine which book to read by following whichever mood I’m in. I find that in the summer my mood gravitates towards the happy and easy reading contemporaries whereas the autumn/winter period is when I gravitate towards fantasy. I never force myself to read a book I’m not in the mood to read because I know I won’t enjoy it as much.

  4. Reading slumps are the worst! I definitely read depending on my mood. Sometimes I’m not in the mood to think, so I need lighter books like what you were talking about. Recently I’ve been reading the Outlander series, and it takes a lot of concentration, so I need to read shorter things 🙂

  5. I always hate myself during a reading slump. Haha. Sometimes I walk through the book store and make a beeline for a certain genre. There are definitely days where I have zero interest in scifi, but could read a contemporary in one sitting…and visa versa.

  6. I don’t so much pick books based on my mood, but I do go through phases where I’ll read a certain genre for a while. Back in the spring I went a while where I only used audible. This whole month I’ve been reading books that are scary.

  7. I’m absolutely a mood reader! I got into the worst reading slump during September, so I totally feel you on this. Once I started to WANT to read again, I had the same question: what book do I start with? I also picked a fluffy, light contemporary, and they’re pretty much all I’ve read (save for All the Rage). So right now is not really indicative of what my reading is usually like. I still read by mood, but I don’t know if I’ve ever paid much attention to my actual MOODS when I pick out books. Like I don’t know if I’m more prone to go after a fantasy or a contemporary when I’m sad or just feeling blah, if that makes sense at all. But I do tend to space out genres, especially if I read too many books in a row in the same one. I find myself wanting to switch that up every so often, but I always gravitate back toward fantasy. 🙂 Great discussion, Nori!

  8. I am definitely a mood reader, but I have found that when I am in a reading slump it’s best to read something small because then I will feel like I accomplish something and not be so intimidated! I usually go for middle grade when this happens because the stories are fun, come in many genres, and are fast reads.

  9. Yes I’m 100% a mood reader! Last year it was determined by the seasons, and I read mostly fantasy and sci-fi in fall/winter with contemporary in spring/summer. This year it’s been a pretty steady consumption of fantasy, but the subgenres of fantasy is where I keep switching it up. Sometimes I want a dark and steamy fantasy, and other times I want something grand and sweeping and complex. It just depends on the day 😀

  10. Yes, my mood definitely influences the books I read. Sometimes I binge read a whole bunch of romantic contemporaries or add them to my TBR but then come back a week or two later and remove them. Also, the time of year affects what I read! For example, this time of year, I try to read more fantasy as well as thrillers. Then of course in Xmas, I read Xmas books 🙂

  11. I’m a total mood reader as well. Sometimes I get into a fantasy mood and read nothing but fantasy for a fortnight but pretty much straight after I’ll be craving a lighter contemporary. I think switching up my genres really keeps me reading and stops me from getting into slumps!

  12. Hi Nori! I’m a bit of a mood reader. In fact, I’d say I’m a mood doer! And it goes in cycles. Sometimes all I want to do is read, then it changes to binge watching Netflix, then playing games, then something else, back to reading, you get the idea! Inside those cycles, what I want to read is based on my mood, especially if I’m feeling down. That’s the only time I’ve really noticed the effect my mood has in my reading, and I’m much more likely to read a shorter book–typically contemporary or historical romance. This means lists hardly ever work for me, because you never know when you need to buoy your emotions with fluff. 💜 I hope you find your groove again soon!

  13. Lynette

    I read based on my moods too! Sometimes all you really need is a brain candy kind of book to make you happy 🙂

  14. I definitely read based on my mood. I sort of scan the shelves until I find the book that hits me and usually, I already have an idea what that book is going to be. Perfect example happened to me just this last week. I’ve been wanting to re-read the Mediator book series before the new sequel comes out in February and my original intention was to read them around December when it would be a little closer to the release date. But last week, I just had an urge that only paranormal romance could fill, so I popped the books off the shelf and tore through them! I had some Fantasy kicks over summer too where I was reading a lot of only that genre.

    As far as reading slumps go, I tend to treat them as no big deal because I often can’t help that I’m too over tired to force myself to read. (Adulting problems, I tell ya.) So I let the slumps go on until the day comes where I finally need a book to pop open. 🙂

  15. This is a really interesting topic! I feel like many people are mood readers, but I don’t think I’m one of them, at least, not in the way you describe it. I just tend to pick a list of books or a book or two to read and then I stick to it!
    Loved this discussion. Isn’t it awesone when you get the spontaneous spark? 😊

  16. I had more reading slumps this summer than I’ve ever had before and it definitely took me a few tries to get out of them.

    Usually, I’m pretty good about what books I read next. Like you, I have a bit of a pattern: NA romance, YA fantasy/paranormal and repeat. The romance is lighter and usually has a more straight forward plot–something that doesn’t make me think too hard and can read relatively quick. Whereas YA fantasy requires more brain power I find. But sometimes, that is exactly what I need when I’m in a slump!

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