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Why hello there everyone! You may or may not remember a post from a while ago talking about a new project called the Book Blogger Creativity Project. Well, all of the teams have been finalized for a while now, and we’ve been working hard to put together some awesome new blog posts! I am happy to put up the third blog post for the BBCP.

Welcome to The Rose Society (aka the Rose Team)‘s From Screen to Page! The objective of this project is to take some of our favorite book characters and relate/recommend books to them! Without further ado…here are my picks!

Monica could definitely use a book like Carpe Diem to help her de-stress! The main character, Vassar, has trouble with relaxing, and constantly wants to be in charge and know exactly what’s going to happen. But, Vassar’s grandmother has a different idea- and once Vassar returns from her ‘vacation’ with her grandmother, her personality changes.


I would recommend that Joey reads Something Real so that he could realize being a celebrity isn’t always a dream. Then again, who am I kidding? Joey will be Joey no matter what.


At the beginning of Friends, Rachel was not very responsible and didn’t understand the true value of money. I think that this would be a good book for her to read.





I think that Phoebe would get along very well with Sophronia from Etiquette and Espionage! They are both quirky, but extremely loyal to their friends.

It is obvious that Ross was a *bit* of a geek while in high school, and he did not care about being popular. I think he would love (and really relate with) Never Always Sometimes.

Ahh, Chandler. Now he’s a tough one. But, going off of my gut, I would have to recommend The Scorpio Races to him. I think he would appreciate the slow burn romance.





So, what do you think? Would the characters of Friends relate/enjoy the books that I recommended? Let me know in the comments below!

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