Bookish Serendipity Co Launch~ Guest Post: Why I Love Etsy!

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I can’t remember the first time that I discovered Etsy, and it doesn’t really matter, because I fell in love at first sight regardless. I’ve always really enjoyed attending craft fairs and events, so the idea of an online marketplace where artisans sell handmade goods sounded absolutely perfect. After wandering around the site for a few days, I found at least 30 items I wanted to buy. Oops.

I watch a lot of house-hunting and renovation shows. One of the words that is often used when the topic of desirable houses comes up is character. When I reflected about my thoughts on Etsy, that was one word that came up over and over again. I love Etsy because it has character. Etsy is a marketplace, yes, but there are several major differences that set it apart from massive e-retailers like Amazon.

The major difference, clearly, is that Etsy only allows handmade products to be sold. This means that all the products for sale were handcrafted with love by the seller. Since products are generally in limited quantities, this also allows buyers to discover totally unique products.

One of my favorite things about this site, as a shopper, is how I am able to get to know the person behind the store. Through reading his or her About pages, I can connect and relate to the owner without ever meeting him or her in real life. How cool is that?

I recently started by own store on Etsy, Bookish Serendipity Co., where I sell affordable jewelry and merchandise inspired by books. Being a seller on Etsy has only given more reasons to love this site.

I love Etsy because it gives me a platform to share the jewelry that I love making.

I love Etsy because I can encounter people from all over the globe.

I love Etsy because of the wide range of beautiful products available, from jewelry to clothes and beyond.

I love Etsy because of the community, and the many wonderful people who share their work there.

I love Etsy because it has taught me how to be a better entrepreneur.

I love Etsy because of the personal touch.

There are so many reasons to love this site. I readily admit that it has its flaws, but I’m more than willing to work around them and look at the positive things about it, of which there are many. I’ve experienced this site as both a seller and a shopper (I even purchased my blog design here lol!) and you know what?

Etsy rocks.

Have you ever found anything cool on Etsy? I’d love some suggestions of what to buy next!



2 responses to “Bookish Serendipity Co Launch~ Guest Post: Why I Love Etsy!

  1. I’ve spent my fair amount of time on Etsy at times and I admit its such a wonderful place! However I am not a huge online shopper (unless it’s for books). But I must make a note to browse Etsy a bit more thoroughly, you make it sound so absolutely fantastic!

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