ARC Review: Hunter by Mercedes Lackey!!!

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Princess Sofia Regular

Imagine living on a mountain, with little electronics, and having to fight other worldly creatures. The only thing you care about is hunting and protecting your family. Then, one day, you are summoned to Apex City, so that you can join the hunters there. Imagine expecting a similar lifestyle, but being thrown into something completely different. In the city, Hunters are treated as celebrities. Every Hunter has their own colors and personal channel that live streams their daily hunts. Cameras follow them everywhere. They live a life of luxury, but have no privacy. That’s the life that Joy is thrown into, with no warning whatsoever.

To make her life even better, her uncle was one of the senior officials, but she had never had any significant interactions with him. When she met him for the first time, he was very stern and did not show her any warmth which she expected since they were family. The only message that she received from him was through a secret tap that told her to lay low and try to avoid attention because trouble was coming.
Apex City was not a fun place to be, and she learned that she knew nothing about the city- absolutely nothing.To make the situation even better, *note the sarcasm* she started to realize that things were amiss, and cameras were not the only things watching her.

I enjoyed this book, but it was not the best. I loved the premise- hunters against magical creatures- yes please, sign me up! But at the same time, nothing really stood out to me. There was a lot of info dumping, which was annoying, and I couldn’t relate to many of the characters.

Overall I liked Hunter, but didn’t love it. I give it 3/5stars.


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8 responses to “ARC Review: Hunter by Mercedes Lackey!!!

  1. Hm, not sure if I’ll be giving this one another try. I actually got maybe 50 pages in and just found myself avoiding reading it. SO MUCH INFO DUMP and I couldn’t get a solid handle on Joy’s character. Sounds like that doesn’t really go away. Maybe I’ll pick it up later, when I have some free time (hahahahahaha what is that).


  2. Ah man! Hunter sounds soooo good, and I mean come on, this premise is so dope. I’ve seen quite a few reviews where they weren’t feeling it either, so that’s really unfortunate. I was looking forward to it!

  3. Olivia-Savannah

    I have seen the cover to this one around quite a bit and it intrigued me. It’s a shame that it didn’t quite the possess the magic you were looking for. I do love a good book about dragons but I want it to be a bit more unique and not have info dumps throughout it.

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