Basics of Book Blogging: Day Fourteen- Who, Me?

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It’s time for DAY FOURTEEN (aka the last day) of the Basics of Book Blogging feature!!! Who’s excited?

As I mentioned in the introduction post, this feature is going to be filled with mostly Q&A style questions, in addition to some links that you might find helpful. 🙂

WHO, ME? (Aka all of your questions for ME)!

This is where I get to answer all of the questions that YOU specifically had for me about my experience as a book blogger!

What do you like about being a book blogger?
I LOVE the community. I’ve talked about it a lot, so I’m not going to go into much detail right now, but I love all of the friends that I’ve met, and I love that we all love books!

How often do you make giveaways?
It honestly depends. I don’t keep track of how often I do giveaways to be honest, but at this point I generally tend to host giveaways only for milestones or as part of a blog tour/Sunday Street Team.

Have you ever had a negative experience after posting a low rating review, and how do you deal with it?

*Knocks on wood* I haven’t had a negative experience yet, but I know it is an issue that book bloggers do face. My advice if something like that happens is to just ignore whoever is trying to tell you that you’re wrong. Here’s the thing about books (and literature in general). Everyone who reads a book is going to have a slightly different opinion. That’s life! So while you might not like a book and someone else does, they should accept that.

Kat from Cuddlebuggery wrote up a great post about how to deal with trolls when posting a low rating review. 

I also suggest Aimee from Aimee Read’s guest post on Chasing Faerytales on what to say to people when they comment on your negative reviews.

If you don’t agree with others regarding their opinions on a book you like/dislike, what do you do?
Uh, I generally say that everyone is allowed to have their own opinion?

Has being a book blogger opened up any doors in a career type of way?
I am currently an intern for Patchwork Press and Entangled Publishing. I definitely relied on my experience as a book blogger to get these internships.

How do you find time for anything!!! I’m so busy it’s annoying and frustrating!
I make time with my magical time machine. 😉 Just kidding- I wish I had one of those. That would be really helpful. To be honest, I am an extremely busy person as well, but I just try to focus on one thing at a time. I know that I can’t get up a post every day, and I accept that. But when I do have time, I make sure to use it and prioritize what needs to get done.

How do you get people to be interested in your blog? Is there like a guideline or something?
Ummmmm I’m not quite sure to be honest. 🙂 It’s the same thing with Twitter- I have no idea why people follow me there- they just do! My best advice is to be friendly and reach out to people. I’m guessing that’s why people read my blog, but who knows?

Did you make author friends through book blogging?
YES! See one of my previous posts for an example. 🙂

Do you talk with other book bloggers? Exchanging thoughts with them?
YES! Absolutely! I’m the type of person who loves brainstorming, so I often talk to my blogger friends and discuss ideas with them.

Do you receive ARCs?
Well, I’m not quite sure how to answer this question haha. I guess the best way to answer it is that I SOMETIMES receive ARCs? When I request ARCs on Edelweiss and Netgalley, I sometimes get them, but not always. The same thing goes for physical ARCs. Have I received any unsolicited ARCs? Nope. Not one. 😛 But my dream is that one day, I will. 😉

When did you start receiving ARCs? Just curious. 🙂
I…ah…I FORGET! I’m sorry! I’m pretty sure it was somewhere in the 4-6month phase…

What if you do not like the book you read, how do you review it?
I try not to post any 100% negative reviews for books. Even if I don’t like a book, I try to mention at least one positive thing. Also, this is important. Even if I don’t like the book, I NEVER criticize the author. Never.

What inspired you to become a book blogger?
I actually was mad at myself because I loved reading but never had time, so I wanted to push myself to read more! That’s when I decided to make a book blog.

How did you improve as a book blogger?
Improve…hmm…I’m not quite sure. I think that my reviews have gotten a little better maybe?

How many times you post book reviews?
Generally once a week 🙂

How do you stand out from the massive list of bloggers?
I’m not really sure whether I stand out from other bloggers, but as long as I continue to be happy with my content on my blog, I count that as a success.

How did you stay positive in the beginning with 2 or less followers?

Well, like I mentioned previously, when I started blogging, I didn’t actually care about followers. I didn’t really know that followers were a ‘thing’ and even if they were, why would anyone want to follow my blog? With that being said, even now, I don’t have a ton of followers. It’s kind of funny- when people look at my Twitter, they assume that my blog is really popular, but in all honestly? It isn’t that popular. There are a lot of bloggers that have been blogging for less time yet get more views and have more followers, but I don’t let it bother me. I’m not really sure if this answered your question…oops?

How did/do you gain confidence in your blogging skills/content/writing/all of it?
Hmmm I guess so? As cliche as this sounds, I gained confidence once I started blogging more and more. Practice makes perfect! 😉

How are you so amazing Nori?
I promise, I’m not making this question up! The craziest part was that two people asked me this…*nervous giggle* Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…
On that note…since I’ve answered all of YOUR questions, I want to ask YOU a question!

What did you think of the Basics of Book Blogging feature? Did you learn anything from the 2 week series? TELL ME EVERYTHING in the comments. 😉

Have any questions for me about this post (or about blogging in general)? Send me your questions  HERE and I’ll do my best to answer them soon! 🙂

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  1. I really loved this Blogging Basics feature and I would LOVE for it to be regular on your blog. I mean, there are always going to be more questions and your posts were so informational and helpful. I feel like they are a great resource for the community as a whole!

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