Basics of Book Blogging: Day Eleven- All About the ARCs!

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It’s time for DAY ELEVEN of the Basics of Book Blogging feature!!! Who’s excited? I AM! 😀

As I mentioned in the introduction post, this feature is going to be filled with mostly Q&A style questions, in addition to some links that you might find helpful. 🙂


What are ARCs? How do I get ARCs? What are Edelweiss and Netgalley?

ARCs are advance reader copies. To explain them simply, they are books that are in the final revision process. They are then sent to bloggers (and other members of the book publishing community) to read and review before the actual book is released. All publishing companies send out ARCs at different times, but they are generally given a couple of months before the release date. This allows bloggers to read the books before the general public and publicize them, so that there is more anticipation as it comes closer to the release day.

There are two different type of ARCs- physical and electronic (aka eARCs), Physical ARCs are a paperback version of the ARC, while eARCs can be found through Edelweiss (EW) and Netgalley (NG). It is free to sign up for Netgalley and Edelweiss, but with that being said, it isn’t always easy to get ARCs from them. You have to prove that you are dedicated to blogging, and the more popular your blog comes, the more ARCs you will receive. I will be focusing on physical ARCs next.

When it comes to Edelweiss and Netgalley, what I’ve noticed is that bloggers tend to have much more luck on one rather than both. Personally, I tend to get approved more on Netgalley, but I have no idea why. I don’t take it personally- and I do still continue to request eARCs on both sites.

Also, another important thing to mention is the infamous AUTO-APPROVALS. Yes, some bloggers do have auto-approvals on EW or NG or both, and what that means is they can automatically download/receive eARCs from the specific publisher that gave them the auto-approval, rather than waiting for the publisher to specifically approve their request. Auto-approvals are not easy to get, and actually? Here’s a secret. I’ve been blogging for over a year…and guess how many auto-approvals I have? ZERO. Yes, zero. Again, I don’t take it personally, so don’t worry if you don’t have any auto-approvals either. 🙂

When is it appropriate to ask about physical arcs? Who do I contact to get them? How should I contact them? How to write a proper email for a review copy request? What is proper ARC-requesting etiquette?

If you want a physical ARC, you generally have to send the publisher an email that states your request. Generally you will have to send an email to their publicity email, unless you already have a contact at the publisher. All publishers are a bit different, and expect that you have been blogging for a certain time (generally 6 months). With that being said, even if you haven’t been blogging for 6 months, it’s still worth it to try and request an ARC! You never know- you might be surprised and get an ARC.

What would be the perfect timing to post the ARC review-near their publication date/as soon as I finish it?

Generally a good time frame for posting reviews is one month before to one month after publication date. I personally try to post my ARC reviews 1-2 weeks before the release, but that’s just me. 🙂 One important thing to mention is that while those are general guidelines, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO POST. Any/all reviews are helpful, so never think that you’re too late.


Edelweiss Link
This is one of the websites where you can request eARCs!
Netgalley Link
This is the other website where you can request eARCs! (Personally I have more luck with NG) 😉
Guide to Getting Approved on Edelweiss 
Ana from On Starships and Dragon Wings wrote an amazing guide filled with information on how to navigate through Edelweiss and what you should write in order to *hopefully* be accepted.
ARCs~ The Lowdown 
Rachel from A Perfection Called Books put together this SUPER helpful guide that lists how far in advance you should request ARCs from each publisher.
ARC Essentials 
Hannah from The Irish Banana did a feature called ARC Essentials where she interviewed publicists from various publishing houses and asked them questions about ARC requesting. When I started requesting ARCs, this was a very helpful resource for me.
If I Could Write a Letter to Me- #2: ARCs 
Molli from Books and Whimsy wrote up a great post about what she wished she knew when she was a newbie book blogger. She discusses the purpose behind ARCs, why everyone can’t get ARCs, and how to start building relationships with publishers.
Stop & Chat~ Physical ARC Request 
Octavia from Read Sleep Repeat did a great Q&A post about ARC requesting after asking Twitter what questions they had.
Book Girls Don’t Cry: Requesting ARCs 
Giselle from Xpresso Reads wrote up a great post about requesting ARCs. I used this post as a resource when I started requesting.
How to Get and Keep Getting ARCs Written by a Dinosaur
Kat from Cuddlebuggery wrote up one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE POSTS and it has to do with getting ARCs! You NEED to read this post.
Kat from Cuddlebuggery put together a list of what NOT to do when you request print ARCs. 
ARC Tips
Emma from Miss Print put together a comprehensive guide to the ARC requesting process, including who to contact, what to say, and more.
ARC Envy
Bekka from Pretty Deadly wrote up a post about ARC envy and how to get past it.

Have any questions for me about this post (or about blogging in general)? Send me your questions  HERE and I’ll do my best to answer them soon! 🙂

Stay tuned for the next post in the Basics of Book Blogging guide tomorrow! 

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  1. Reblogged this on Tea and a Good Read and commented:
    This is a great overview of what an ARC is. When I first started blogging I had no idea what they were. I definitely want to do some ARC reviews in the future. So I’m saving/posting this as a mental note and for those interested in doing some themselves.

  2. Love this. I’ve already been accepted for a few eARC’s but my goal is to get physical ARC’s. I have trouble reading ebooks for some reason. Thanks for the links and your thoughts!

  3. Hey Nori! It turns out I don’t need the link. but thanks anyway! 🙂 I just wanted to say 1. I have accidentally fallen in love with your blog yet again and 2. WHY WASN’T I FOLLOWING IT I’VE ONLY BEEN HERE 1,000 TIMES 3. This post was super helpful! Also, I have a question: I’ve been blogging for 1 month now but I think I’m going to try to ask for some but I have literally NO IDEA where to start! The ARCs I’m interested in are the ones that all of the super good & experienced bloggers have (ex. Truthwitch or something) and I’m worried about finding good ones to review that I’m super interested in. That is, how do I find them and then do I just kindly yet slightly officially email the publisher?

    Sorry I have so many questions, but I hope to learn as much about the process as I can!!!! 🙂

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