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Why hello there everyone! You may or may not remember a post from a while ago talking about a new project called the Book Blogger Creativity Project. Well, all of the teams have been finalized for a while now, and we’ve been working hard to put together some awesome new blog posts! I am happy to put up the first blog post for the BBCP.

Welcome to Reading Rendezvous, hosted by the Fern Team! This feature acts as a travel guide by recommending books and focusing on their settings! We’re hoping to spread the word about some  *not to be missed* locations. This week we are all going to be featuring an author from our home state!

Since I’m from New Jersey, I decided to focus on the debate between North and South Jersey. Yes, there is a difference. I decided to ask two authors who grew up in New Jersey to help me explain why they are so different.

Introducing…Isabel Bandeira from South Jersey and Shirley Anne Edwards from North Jersey!

How do you say “I’m going to the beach?”
NJ: “I’m going to the beach”
SJ: “I’m heading to the shore”

When you say “the city,” where are you referencing?
NJ: “NYC or Manhattan”
SJ: “Philly”

What’s your favorite sports team?
NJ: “The Giants” (A NYC team)
SJ: “The Flyers” (A Philly team)

Does Central Jersey exist?
NJ: Of course
SJ: “Yes, Central Jersey exists. That’s where Rutgers main campus is!”
Me: I guess I’m alone in the sense that I don’t think it exists 😛

Water Ice vs Italian Ice
NJ: Italian ice
SJ: “Wooder” ice (Yes, we pronounce water like “wooder”)

Hoagies vs Subs
NJ: Subs
SJ: “Hoagies. From Wawa.”

Pork Roll vs Taylor Ham
NJ: Taylor Ham
SJ: Pork Roll

Thank you so much Isabel and Shirley for answering my questions! Now…onto their awesome books! Click the covers to be directed to their Goodreads page. 🙂

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9 responses to “BBCP: Reading Rendezvous ~ Fern Team!

  1. Lynette

    OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THIS. I have to disagree about the “heading to the shore” part. The SJ people I know say “going down the shore”.

  2. I love the NJ versus SJ idea! I’d love to visit New Jersey one day! Thanks for being an awesome host, Nori! So happy I got to be a part of Team Fern!

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