Basics of Book Blogging: Day Seven: Staying Organized!

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It’s time for DAY SEVEN of the Basics of Book Blogging feature!!! Who’s excited? I AM! 😀

As I mentioned in the introduction post, this feature is going to be filled with mostly Q&A style questions, in addition to some links that you might find helpful. 🙂

As most of you know by now, I am OBSESSED with organization, and I love spreadsheets! I was considering doing some sort of post that detailed all of the tips that I have for making sure that you’re organized while blogging, but then I realized that other people had already done posts similar to it, and…well…I figured it would be a bit boring if I made a ton of lists. So, instead, I decided to do a quick explanation of some of the tools that I use to keep myself organized!

Google Docs/Spreadsheets

I LOVE LOVE LOVE GOOGLE DRIVE AND DOCS AND SPREADSHEETS! Honestly, I utilize it for just about everything in my life, but especially blogging. It’s difficult to keep track of all of the different ARCs/books to review, so I use a spreadsheet to keep me on track.

Google Calendar

I use google calendar so that I can see what posts I have on a monthly basis. I am sure that it won’t surprise you to know that I color code. Here are the colors that I use and how I use them.

Orange = Already finished and scheduled
Yellow = review book’s release date
Green = Blog Tours
Light Blue = Memes
Purple = Any other posts
It looks very pretty, and I love when I go back to a month and see it filled with orange (completed posts). 😀


I use Evernote as a todo list. I know, I know. Most people use actual “to do” apps for that, but not me! *inserts mischievous grin* There is a checkbox tool that you can use, and that’s another way that I keep track of ARCs. I put three check boxes next to each ARC, and only check them off when their purpose has been fulfilled. The three boxes stand for: read, reviewed, scheduled. It’s something that I started this year, and LOVE IT!

I also use Evernote to keep track of all of the future TTT posts. I love Evernote because I can use the website or app wherever I go, so it’s very easy to quickly jot down an idea for a TTT post.

Of course, if you know me on Twitter, you know that I could continue talking about organization for AGES, but I don’t want to bore you, so I’m going to just send you on your merry way to Michelle from Book Brief’s post on Blogger Spreadsheet Secrets. (Pssst…one of my spreadsheets is featured) 

Have any questions for me about this post (or about blogging in general)? Send me your questions  HERE and I’ll do my best to answer them soon! 🙂

Stay tuned for the next post in the Basics of Book Blogging guide tomorrow! 

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9 responses to “Basics of Book Blogging: Day Seven: Staying Organized!

  1. Lovely post! This is so awesome. I’m also quite obsessed with organizing, I love it so much! And I am definitely going to utilize Google Calendar and Spread Sheets right away!
    Thank you for the wonderful tips!

  2. Hazel

    I love posts about organising! Almost as much as I enjoy posts about books! I also use Evernote. I have a set up on my iPhone that lets me easily keep notes in Evernote as I read a book without being distracted by games. I haven’t managed to sort a calendar yet but I’m working on it!

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