Basics of Book Blogging: Day Five: Original Ideas!

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It’s time for DAY FIVE of the Basics of Book Blogging feature!!! Who’s excited? I AM! 😀

As I mentioned in the introduction post, this feature is going to be filled with mostly Q&A style questions, in addition to some links that you might find helpful. 🙂


I had a couple of people ask things like:  should I start/attempt to start an original meme? How do I continue to include creative content? How should I brainstorm new ideas?

Those are all very good questions, and I’m going to do my best to answer them. Just as an FYI- I’m just making suggestions. You don’t have to go through my thought process, but here is what I try to think about whenever coming up with an idea.

  1. Scroll through Twitter and read your feed. I often get inspired by reading tweets.
  2. Close your eyes and wait for an idea to pop into your head.
  3. Read a book and then try to come up with a clever new way to feature it.
  4. Think about your blog and what you’re missing, then try to fill in the gap.
  5. Make a list of words that start with the letter A and work your way down to Z. One of your random words might spark an idea!

Here are my steps on how to create a feature after you have your idea.

  1. Think about what you want to accomplish. What specifically do you want to focus on for your new idea? Write your thoughts down.
  2. Has anyone ever done it before? Do some research to find out. If someone has done something similar, brainstorm to figure out how to make your feature unique and DIFFERENT from theirs.
  3. Think about the audience. Do you think that your blog readers will be interested in your idea? If you’re not sure, DM some of them on Twitter and ask. (P.S. You can always DM me)
  4. Who is involved? Is the new feature going to be something just on your blog, or do you want it to expand to multiple blogs?
  5. Make two lists: one list where you write everything that you need to do for the feature, and one list where you write everything that is already done for the feature.
  6. Figure out when would be the best time to publish the feature. If there is a holiday coming up, it’s probably not the best time.
  7. Start tweeting hints about your new feature a couple of days in advance to keep everyone on their toes.
  8. Before you post, go back to point number three and do some last minute brainstorming with some blogger friends. You never know- you could have a moment of brilliance while brainstorming!

What are some of YOUR original ideas?

Hmm, let’s see. I have created the 105 Challenge which is a yearly reading challenge, the Sunday Street Team which is a mixture of a blog tour and street team, the Book Blogger Creativity Project which is happening NOW, and I’m the host of a random twitter chat called #RQWN that generally has 80-120 participants throughout the chat! 😀 I’m pretty sure that I’m forgetting some of my original features, but those are some examples. 🙂

How to Come Up with More Blog Post Ideas

Have any questions for me about this post (or about blogging in general)? Send me your questions  HERE and I’ll do my best to answer them soon! 🙂

Stay tuned for the next post in the Basics of Book Blogging guide tomorrow! 

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