Basics of Book Blogging: Day Four: Different Types of Posts!

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It’s time for DAY FOUR of the Basics of Book Blogging feature!!! Who’s excited? I AM! 😀

As I mentioned in the introduction post, this feature is going to be filled with mostly Q&A style questions, in addition to some links that you might find helpful. 🙂

What should my blog feature? What should my blog look like/include? What else do I write about? Am I putting enjoyable content?

Your blog should feature whatever YOU want it to feature. It should include whatever YOU want it to include. You can write about anything that YOU want. Get the picture? 😉

I am going to repeat this multiple times throughout this guide, because I honestly think that it’s important! Your blog is YOUR blog for a reason. It doesn’t matter what everyone else does- because YOU are YOU.

But…if you really want to know, here are some different types of posts:

~Reviews (see below)
~Interviews (w/ bloggers or authors)
~Guest Posts (w/ bloggers or authors)
~Discussion Posts (where you bring up a question or topic to discuss)
~Personal Posts (where you talk about something personal to you)
~Blog Tours (these types of posts can vary- more information on this later)
~Blog Memes (Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, etc…)

How do I write a book review? Is my writing/reviewing style ok? I want to know review tips! What to touch on, what to avoid mentioning (like what constituted a spoiler), and how long/short to make each review.
Here’s the great thing about reviews- they can be ANY format, ANY size, and include ANYTHING that you want. There is no standard way to write a review. As long as you are sharing your thoughts on the book, it’s perfect! But, if you’re stuck, here are some things to consider talking about in your book reviews.

~Was there something that stood out to me about this book (in a good or bad way)?
~Did I connect with the characters?
~Could I visualize the setting in my head?
~What were my emotions during/after reading this book?
~Would I recommend this book to people? If so, what type of people?
~Were there any unexpected plot twists?

And like I said, those are some very random yet basic questions that you can answer in your book reviews, but you don’t have to answer any of them if you don’t want! It truly is up to you.

When it comes to reviewing, I tend to just start writing and go with the flow. There are some books where I end up gushing and gushing and then eventually my flails turn into a somewhat cohesive review. Other times, my thoughts end up being pretty short, and I end up doing mini-reviews! And, something new that I’ve been doing is quote reviews, where I feature a couple of my favorite quotes from a book and then discuss them.

Here are some examples of different types of reviews that I’ve posted!
Quote ReviewRegular ReviewMini Reviews

Do you have to include buying links in your review? Is it okay to post more than one review a day?
Nope- you definitely don’t have to include buying links in your review. To be honest, it’s a nice thing to do, and now that you mention it, I probably should include a link somewhere…but currently, I only post the buy links when I am participating in a blog tour and/or the author specifically asked me to put them in my post.

As far as how many reviews to post per day, I would suggest that you only post one, UNLESS they are mini-reviews. With that being said, sometimes double posting does occur, and that’s okay. When that happens, try to figure out which one is more important and/or if you have an obligation for one of the posts to be the top/first post of the day. Some blog tours require that, but not always.

Do I need to do book reviews?
Do you NEED to do book reviews? No, you don’t! As I mentioned above, there are many different types of posts that you can put up on your blog. But, I am going to say this- if you plan on requesting ARCs, you definitely should have some reviews on your blog.

How much is it okay to spoil in a book review?
Personally? I don’t spoil ANYTHING. But, if you want to spoil something, make sure that there is a big SPOILER WARNING so that no one reads it if they don’t want to know what happens in the end.

Should I reach out re: reviewing products besides books?
It’s totally up to you! Personally, I only review books, but I know that some blogs do review other products. For example, I believe that Amazon Vine members can get access to certain products and review them, but that’s an invite-only program (which I’m not a part of, so I’m not positive).

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Have any questions for me about this post (or about blogging in general)? Send me your questions  HERE and I’ll do my best to answer them soon! 🙂

Stay tuned for the next post in the Basics of Book Blogging guide tomorrow! 

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