BEA Recap #5: Bookcon Day One and Two!

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Welcome to my fifth #BEA15 Recap post!!! (You can find my first post HEREmy second post HERE, my third post HERE, and my fourth post HERE)

Day One:

First of all, everyone who says that BEA and Bookcon are completely different are 100% correct. I arrived at Bookcon a couple of hours early, and the line was insane. I was very fortunate to be able to find Danielle and join her in line, rather than having to walk halfway around the Javits center in order to find the end of the line. This was also the day that I FINALLY got to see Kelly again!!! I was so excited and happy to see her. I can’t believe that we forgot to take a picture together. 🙁

Once we were all finally let inside, we were shuffled into a Special Events room, which was absolutely INSANE. I was fortunate enough to have bought VIP tickets, so the line in front of me wasn’t bad, but for everyone else…it was horrifying. If you’re curious about how horrifying it truly was, check out this quick video that I posted on twitter by clicking HERE.

My VIP line wasn’t too bad though…look below!

But other than the long lines, I was luckily able to survive all of the horror spots. I’m not sure how to be honest…I guess I was just lucky?

I did manage to make it to the Faraway Lands panel (which included Aisha, Sabaa, Renee, and Marie). I found it to be an INCREDIBLE panel, and I highly suggest that you all meet them if you have a chance. The only sad part about the panel was that I stood up to ask a question, and the moderator cut off questions with the guy who was standing literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. 🙁

(A picture of the panel)

In case you were wondering, here is a picture of my haul from Day One of Bookcon!

Day Two:

Today I was even more fortunate as far as the line once I got inside of the Javits center. I’m not trying to brag but…look how short this line is!

So, I decided to go to another panel- this time the Fierce Reads Tour Kick Off! It was absolutely hysterical. The panel composed of Jennifer Mathieu, Courtney Alameda, Anna Banks, and Emmy Laybourne.  Oh my goodness, I cannot rave about this panel enough. I was laughing throughout the entire hour- especially because of Anna Bank’s deadpan answers.

I was also able to run quickly to the Swoon Reads party where I met Jessica and Amber from The Book Bratz!
Luckily, overall, my final day of BEA/Bookcon wasn’t too crazy. Then again, that also had to do with the fact that I had to leave early, because I had to catch an afternoon train. While I was sad to leave early, it actually was a very smart decision, because I didn’t get caught in the heavy torrential downpour that hit NY later that night.

I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to take a picture of my haul from day two of Bookcon.

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