BEA Recap #3: The Day Where I Got A Lot Of Books

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Welcome to my third#BEA15 Recap post!!! (You can find my first post HERE and my second post HERE)

While Wednesday was the Truthwitch drop, Thursday was the Passenger drop! I was very excited yet nervous for this one, because there was a panel that I wanted to attend which conflicted with Passenger. I knew that if I was too far back in the Passenger line, I would have to skip it and just go to the panel, so again, I crossed my fingers and sprinted! I was extremely fortunate to get in line (I was probably around #15) and was able to get Passenger signed plus go to the panel (I was only a couple of minutes late). While waiting in line for Passenger, Kelly managed to grab me a copy of Hunter which sounds absolutely amazing!

(Look at the pretties!!!!)

One of the most exciting parts about Thursday was when I got to meet Marissa Meyer! She was really sweet and personalized a copy of Fairest for me! I was internally fangirling while talking to her. Some of the other authors that I got to meet on Thursday were Lisa Amowitz and Carolyn Mackler. They were both so sweet, and I am VERY excited to read both of their new releases!

I had originally planned on going to the Harlequin group signing, but they surprised everyone and turned it into a ticketed event without any warning. Unfortunately I was unable to grab a ticket, and that ended up freeing 1.5hours in my schedule. I used the free time to socialize with some blogger friends, and to network with a couple of publicists. Also, I was very lucky in that Kelly had gone to the Harlequin breakfast and was able to snag me a copy of Never Always Sometimes, which sounds AMAZING!

Today was also one of the days where Danielle and I meandered while we weren’t running around or standing in lines for ARCs. I must say- I never thought that meandering around one floor would be fun, but I actually had a great time walking around with Danielle! She’s amazing- and she saved me by grabbing a couple of ARCs for me throughout the week when I was standing in lines for other books.

I will say this- by the end of the day, I was exhausted, and my shoulders were killing me. I did manage to make two stops to baggage claim throughout the day, but my body was sore from the previous day, so it was a bit rough.

I’m not quite sure why the recap for Thursday was so short, seeing as it was the day that I grabbed the most books, but oh well!

In case you were wondering, here is a picture of my haul from Day Two!

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5 responses to “BEA Recap #3: The Day Where I Got A Lot Of Books

  1. I wish I’d been early in the Passenger line. I was in it for way too long. I wound up missing a couple of things I really wanted to do! Harlequin Hour gets more insane every single year. It’s good that they started ticketing so you KNOW, but it’s also so crazy!!

  2. I got more books on Thursday too! Haha. I’m sorry you missed out on the Harlequin Teen signing! I didn’t know it was going to be ticketed either, but I was lucky that I got there very early (and still managed to get to my two signings before that, so I was happy). And Passenger was definitely the book of the day! I didn’t care that it wasn’t copy-edited yet, I HAD TO HAVE IT! So Nori, YOU SHOULD READ IT ASAP BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING! 😀

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