BEA Recap #2: The Day I Sprinted for Truthwitch (Aka Day One)

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Welcome to my second #BEA15 Recap post!!! (You can find my first post HERE)

“OMG today is the day! Today is the day where I actually get to go to BEA!!! AND TRUTHWITCH I NEED TRUTHWITCH YESSS!”

^^That was basically what was running in my head on Wednesday morning. All that I could think was BEA and TRUTHWITCH! Of course, I was also super excited to meet all of my blogger friends, but I will admit that Truthwitch was overshadowing just about everything. After I woke up, I grabbed my tote bag (which had been packed the night before), my badge, and went out the door. Since I wasn’t staying too close to the Javits, I decided to take the shuttle. I waited in line for approximately 20-25 minutes, hopping from foot to foot. I couldn’t contain my excitement!

Once I got to the Javits, I was absolutely 100% lost. I had no idea where to go, so I just followed the line of people into the building. I then went downstairs in order to get my badge from the BEA Bloggers Conference. After that, I went back up to the first level and started walking and looking from side to side. I also texted Danielle and Sajda to tell them that I was there, but had no idea where I was going. After wandering aimlessly for a while, Danielle told me to start walking to the left, and I eventually found the stairs- aka the Illuminae stairs.

This was also the first time that I actually was tackle hugged in person. And…the first person to do this was…Brittany from Please Feed the Bookworm (aka @kalebsmome on Twitter). You see, as I was walking with Danielle to join my group in line, I saw Brittany, and it looked like she was waving at me. But, as you all know, my profile picture on Twitter is a poodle (my dog), and I had never met Brittany before, so I didn’t know if she was waving to me or not. Irregardless, I waved back, and then sat down with my group (aka Kelly, Sajda, Danielle, and Jon). It just so happened that Xander’s mom from Forever Bookish was actually right in front of us, so I also chatted with her a bit.

After chatting with everyone for a little bit, I heard someone approach us, and then saw Brittany standing next to me, yelling *maybe not yelling per say…* about how I didn’t even go over and see them. She then promptly tackle hugged me. So, what does awkward turtle me do? Well, I blushed, hugged her back, and then meekly followed Brittany over to see Pili from Pili- in Love with Handmade, Sarah from Words With Sarah, and Becca from Pivot Book Reviews. I stayed with them for a while, and then saw Shannon, Holly, and Val, so I ventured over to chat with them for a bit, until I saw everyone moving, so I sprinted back to my group just to find out that we were all being squished together…Yeah, that wasn’t fun.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of the rest of my wait, so I’ll just skip to 5 minutes before the show floor opened. Everyone stood up, grabbed their bags, and squished as close as possible to the front. Then, once the guards said that we were good to go, everyone RAN. I am serious, everyone sprinted towards the Macmillian booth. While we were running, we heard exhibitors talking to themselves and asking each other why we were running. It was hysterical. We also heard security guards screaming at us to stop running, but that didn’t dissuade us. Luckily for me, my sprinting paid off, and I got a GOLDEN TICKET!

One of the best experiences from BEA actually came from the Truthwitch signing. Susan Dennard actually remembered me from Twitter (because of my poodle profile picture). We actually had a really nice conversation, and she asked me if I wanted her to sign it to Nori, or the dog. 😛

After that, I decided to wander around, grabbing ARCs at random galley drops. I didn’t have a ton on my schedule for Wednesday, so I decided to use the day to explore. I figured that it would be a pretty relaxing day, and I wouldn’t get that many books…*cues laugh* That’s NOT what happened in reality. It turns out that there were a LOT of books and a LOT of bloggers that I wanted to meet! And, so, I…I…yeah I’ve got no excuse. I basically ran around like a crazy person trying to see as many people as possible!

One of the bloggers who I was very excited to meet in person was Jaclyn! We have been chatting on Twitter and Instagram forever, so it was SO nice to finally meet. 🙂

I did bring a suitcase to check at the baggage claim, but I didn’t have any time to stop by it. That was a mistake on my part- I ended up carrying 30+ books on my shoulders all throughout Wednesday

In case you were wondering, here is a picture of my haul from Day One!

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15 responses to “BEA Recap #2: The Day I Sprinted for Truthwitch (Aka Day One)

  1. Those Illuminae stairs are so epic. I’m glad you found your way around! Kind of, haha.

    Haha, oh, that’s awkward, seeing people wave towards you but not sure if they’re actually waving at you. 🙂 Aw you met so many people! AND YOU MET SHANNON AND HOLLY AND VAL, AND YEAH, I’M JEALOUS. Lol.

    OH MY GOSH, JACLYN AND I HAVE THE SAME THEME. XD I found that really amusing, I had to tell my sister about it who was like “Cool…..”.

    Ah, anyway, oh you and all your books, my gosh. <3 What a successful day.

  2. I’m so glad you came over to talk to us! It was lovely meeting you and talking with you! Haha the run for Truthwitch was epic and so worth me being out of breath. I loved meeting Susan, she’s so sweet! Next year we all need our Twitter profile pics on your badges!

  3. I love Pilis idea above but of course I knew who you were!! I stalk I mean saw pics on my lovely Sis Kelly’s Twitter/blog of you two. This post makes my heart so happy. Also I’m sorry I yelled sometimes when I’m very excited my volume goes way up with out me realizing. And YES I am a tackle hugger!! You have 2 months to ore sore for another. 😉 I keep looking at everyone BEA stacks and say to myself ” oh I need to request The Scorpion Rule or Wolf by Wolf, then I look at my bookshelf and do a happy dance when I realize I don’t have to!!! I have so many book I don’t even remember what I have sometimes! I think I came out with like 25 books total, then I look at your stack and I’m like what the hell did I do the entire time?! The thing I regret the most is that I was in such a tizzy that I didn’t connect with as many people as I wanted tot. I wish I would have set aside some blogger stalking time instead of the random walk bys I kept doing. I’m ew I would see you since I am obsessed with Sajd( isn’t she amazing?!). We shall meet again my friend and thank you for always helping me pic books for u know who. ❤️❤️❤️
    Post scriptum – can you tell I just caffeinated myself by the rambling length of this post?

    • Post post scriptum- I also love how some people were like I speed walked to Truthwitch. I feel like if you didn’t run there was no way you could have made is since is was a strait sprint the entire way. It’s okay don’t be ashamed we all ran!! Lol I didn’t realize how completely out of shape I was!! How crazy and funny was that. All the exhibitors were like what’s going on?!?! I was just like MOVE!!

    • Hahaha welll you know….I wasn’t sure whether you knew that I was the person in Kelly’s Twitter/blog! Most people haven’t noticed that so…I wasn’t sure haha. And please don’t apologize- YOU ARE AMAZING AND I LOVED THE TACKLE HUGS AND YES YOU ARE AWESOME AND THAT IS ALL! No, but seriously. I’m glad that you approached me, because I am really shy and am bad at approaching groups of people haha. Wait, how did you only get 25 books from BEA? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? BRITT, TELL ME YOUR SECRETS! And caffeine is always good- I love these types of comments. <3

  4. That wandering aimlessly at your first, or second time to BEA is par for the course. The entire Javitiz course. I went on Thursday and I did the same. It was my first time ever attending. I did get to meet my editor –awesome. And some from my writing group. Now we just have to wait another year to do it all over. Maybe we’ll get to meet then. I’m going to search for your poodle picture. 🙂

    • I’m glad to know that wandering aimlessly is normal haha. And yay, that’s great! I’m so glad that you were able to meet up with your editor and friends from your writing group. Yes, I am going to plaster my poodle picture to my forehead or something like that for my next book event haha.

  5. Lynnette

    Haha awkward turtle! I’m going to start using that phrase, hope you don’t mind me stealing it… 🙂 Glad you had such a great time! Looking forward to more BEA posts.

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