Book Review: The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise!!!

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The Boyfriend App
Katie Sise
Release Date: 04/30/2013
Publisher: Balzar & Bray
Received From: Personal Copy

Get the app. Get the guy.Computer-whiz Audrey McCarthy feels most at home in a tech lab, surrounded by her fellow geeks. Once popular and fearless, she hasn’t been the same since her dad died. And her ex-best friend, gorgeous queen bee Blake Dawkins, has turned into her worst nightmare. Audrey is counting the minutes until high school is over and she can get the hell out of Dodge and go to college-that is, if she can find a scholarship.

So when Public Corporation, a giant tech company, announces a contest for the best app developed by a high schooler-with $200,000 in prize money-Audrey is spurred to action. She comes up with an idea so simple, yet so brilliant, she can’t believe it hasn’t been done: the Boyfriend App. With a simple touch of the screen, romance blooms among the unlikeliest couples in high school, and people start to take notice. But it’s not quite enough.

To beat out the competition, Audrey will have to dig deeper. And she does-right into a scandal that would rock Public to its core. Suddenly the Boyfriend App lands Audrey where she never expected to be: in the middle of the limelight, passionately kissed by the hottest guys in school, causing complete and utter mayhem. But can it bring her true love?

Princess Sofia Regular
While reading this book, I honestly thought that it could have been two separate books. You might say, “Nori, that doesn’t make sense!” But let me explain. Give me a minute or two of your time! You might as well. 😉 The beginning of The Boyfriend App was your typical contemporary high school romance book. The main character, Audrey, was a nerd who had a crush on the most popular guy at school- Xander Knight, a lacrosse player. You can tell from his name alone that he’s the king of the school. To make it more cliche, Audrey used to be best friends with the queen of the school, Blake. Of course, as they got older, they went on their merry ways and became mortal enemies. After all, isn’t that what always happens? At this point, I was considering whether I should put the book down and start a different book. But I decided to give it a little more time, and I was very happy with that decision.

In the middle-ish of the book, a competition was introduced to the students at Audrey’s high school. It was an app competition, where the winner would win major scholarship money for college. The winner would be determined based on the quality of the app plus how many downloads it got. Audrey decided to enter, and created the Boyfriend App. In the beginning, it was pretty slow to get downloads, but with the help of her cousin Lindsay, a fashion blogger, her app rocketed up the charts. But as we all know, what comes up must come down. And due to some unforeseen problems (which I can’t reveal due to spoilers), the app dropped in popularity.

This was when the book became interesting and its focus/plot changed, at least in my opinion! It became a mystery, a race to the finish, a good vs bad battle. I can’t tell you much more without spoiling it, but I will say this. Once I reached the a battle of good vs bad guys, the entire atmosphere of the book changed. I loved it!

I liked the characters in general, but I will say that the beginning was a bit overwhelming due to character dumping. It took me a while to remember everyone’s names and figure out exactly who was who. Once I figured them all out, I definitely enjoyed reading about Audrey’s adventures. I actually am in awe of her, seeing as I would love to learn how to code an app. That is on my bucket list!

Overall, I liked this book, and would recommend it. I give it 3.5/5stars.

Stay tuned next week- I will be posting my review of The Pretty App, the sequel! 🙂

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  1. I read this ages ago, and really didn’t like it. But you’re right, the second half was way better! I haven’t read the sequel, so I can’t wait for that review 🙂

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