Top Ten Tuesday #3: Top Ten Underrated Authors/ Books in the YA genre

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This week’s topic is Top Ten Underrated Authors or Books in the YA genre! Since I was able to choose between authors and books, I decided to do 5 books and 5 authors.

Here are…the 5 authors!

1. Tamora Pierce
To my knowledge I have read every book that she has written. Not only have I read all of her books, but I have loved all of her books! If you have never read her books and like fantasy, you NEED to read them!
2. Robin LaFevers
I loved Grave Mercy and am really surprised that not many people have heard about this book! She is an amazing author and her descriptions are perfect!
3. Ridley Pearson
His books might be better classified as MG (middle grade), but I still think that he deserves a mention!
4. Alex Flinn
If you like modern day fairytales and haven’t read any of her books, you’re crazy!
5. Rachel Hawkins
Again, some people might classify the Hex Hall series as MG, but I think that the series borders on YA.

Here are…the 5 books!
1. Playing With The Boys
You might recognize this book from the previous week’s TTT. There is a reason for that! This book isn’t popular, but it really should be.
2. Carpe Diem by Autumn Cornwell
Ditto goes for this book!
3. Illuminate by Aimee Agresti
I loved this book and was very surprised that it didn’t become popular and instead became underrated.
4. A Corner of White by Jaclyn Moriarty
When I was younger, I loved this book called The Spell Book of Listen Taylor. Later on, I picked up this book without realizing that it was the same author!
5. The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter
Again, this is another book that I thought was going to become extremely popular but didn’t.
So there you have it everyone! Listed above are 5 authors + 5 books that I feel are definitely underrated.

Do you agree with me? Who would you pick? Let me know in the comments below!

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17 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday #3: Top Ten Underrated Authors/ Books in the YA genre

  1. I love Kingdom Keepers, a book all about Disney Characters in the real world? Yes please. I feel so bad that I haven’t yet read a Tamora Pierce book, but I really really want to, does that count?
    Awesome list. =)

  2. Cait

    I’ve heard of the Goddess Test but I haven’t read it yet. And I read Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins which I quite liked and made me want to read her Hex Hall series! I see Tamora Pearce EVERYWHERE in my country, so she’s definitely not underrated at my library. lol 😉 Here’s my TTT!

    • If you liked Rebel Belle, you should definitely check out Hex Hall. And I’m glad to hear that Tamora Pierce is popular where you live! She deserves the recognition, at least in my opinion. 🙂

  3. I read beastly, though, I didn’t love the book, I can’t say I dislike it either. I wouldn’t say that it’s in my all time favorite.

    I also read Hex Hall series, I love it so much. What people don’t like? The only one I haven’t read from Rachel Hawkins so far is the last book she write Rebel Bells, but I need to.

    I want to read Playing with the Boys and The Goddess Test.

    Nice picks!

  4. Lynnette

    I’m in absolute love with Carpe Diem! If I had to pick only one realistic fiction book to recommend… it would be Carpe Diem. The Goddess Test was pretty good too, enough to make me re-read it. From your list, it seems like you enjoy both fantasy and realistic fiction! I would suggest Kiss and Make Up. It is one of the cutest books I’ve ever read and not at all like how the title makes it sound! It follows the story of a girl who is able to read people’s minds when she kisses them. To compensate for failing grades, she starts to kiss “nerds” for test answers. It’s definitely more MG than YA, but sometimes a light read is more satisfying than anything. Happy reading! 🙂

  5. The Hex Hall series is absolutely Amazing!! I never laughed so hard from reading and when I would have to wait a year to read the next book in line it was easy to remember the characters because the author does a great job cluing you in. I have always wanted to own this series but I never been able to.

    Great List Nori!!

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