Book Review: Hope’s Rebellion by Jade Varden!

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I was provided a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Can you imagine a world where people are judged based on their hair color? A place where if you’re born as a blonde, you are treated as royalty? A place where your social status changes based on your physical appearance as a baby? This unimaginable place becomes very realistic while reading Hope’s Rebellion.

This intriguing book centers around three girls: Rinna, Drexi, and Prelly. These three girls all have completely different pasts, but end up coming together in a battle that will change the world.

Rinna is known as ‘Rinna of the Gold.’ She was born to a mother with dark hair, but miraculously had golden hair. Ever since she was little, all eyes have been on Rinna. After all, it’s extremely rare to have golden hair in her world. Since she has golden hair, she is destined to be a mother. It would be unspeakable for her to become anything else.

Drexi’s childhood was the complete opposite of Rinna’s childhood. Although Drexi was born to a mother with golden hair, but she unfortunately had dark black hair. After Drexi’s birth, her mother lost all of her wealth and privileges from having gold hair. Due to Drexi’s black hair, she was destined to go to the coal mines to work as her profession.

Like most stories, there is a third main character, Prelly. The author does not provide much in the way of details about her childhood. All that we, the readers, know about Prelly’s childhood is that she was a very plain looking, average in every sense, black haired child who did poorly on her examinations.

As you read Hope’s Rebellion, you realize that the characters you thought were meaningless actually play big roles. Every character in this book is important, whether you realize it when they are introduced or not until later in the book.

Even though all three girls have different childhoods, they somehow all end up in the same education complex in Godenor. While they all have different personalities, they become close friends very quickly. Ultimately it is time for their final examination, where they will be given their titles that will dictate their jobs for the rest of their lives. When they are given completely different jobs in completely different areas, will their friendships last? Will they survive with all of the secrets that they keep?

I must admit, the ending of this book was shocking. I won’t give anything away, but just remember this, not everything or everyone is what or who they seem.

This book was definitely intriguing and I would recommend it. I would give this book a 4/5.

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