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As the end of 2014 approaches, it’s a great time to start thinking about your reading goals for 2015! I am personally going to challenge myself to the 105 Challenge- and I invite YOU to join me! You might ask, what is this 105 Challenge of which you speak?

Good question! 😉

The 105 Challenge is a goal where I’m going to try and read 105 rewooks during 2015. I got the number 105 by taking 12 (months in a year), adding two to make 14 (for absolutely no reason), then doing 14 + 13 + 12 +  11 + 10 + 9 + 8…+ 1.

To make things interesting, I didn’t want my challenge JUST to be trying to read 105 books. Instead, I am going to try to read…

14. Free category! (aka: I haven’t decided yet :P)
13. 2015 new releases (can be ARC’s)
12. Book club books!
11. YA Contemporary (can be ARC’s)
10. Print ARC’s (can be before or after release date)
9. Indie books
8. Debut books (from any year)
7. 2014 new releases (can be ARC’s)
6. Self Help/Motivational/Business books
5. Sequels
4. Books that were recommended to me (that I had never heard of before)
3. New Adult books
2. Books with rainbow covers
1. Re-read a book

Now here’s the fun part. I want YOU to join me in the challenge to read 105 books, and create a list just like mine where you pick 14 different categories and try to read 1 or 2 or 3…etc of each category.

One incentive for joining the challenge will be a rafflecopter where you can get points for completing each group of books! Rafflecopter will be picking a winner each month who will receive a special prize for completing part of the challenge.

The one requirement that I have for joining this challenge is that whenever you FINISH reading an entire category, please make a GR shelf for it and send me the link through rafflecopter!

So what are you waiting for?
Join me in my quest to read 105 books!

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37 responses to “105 Challenge Information Page

  1. Raquel V

    Hi! I was going to ask you if it’s OK that I challange myself to something inspired by your challenge (since I don’t think I can read 105 books!). I was going to do it with 55 books (10, 9, 8…). And then I noticed that the math doesn’t add up… Maybe I’m counting it wrong somehow? Every time I count 12 + 11 + 10… I get 78…

    • You can definitely challenge yourself to do something inspired by my challenge! That is 100% okay. 😀

      And you know what? High five to you, because you’re the first person who caught that. I originally wanted to have 14 categories, and for some reason, when I made my post, I forgot about 13 and 14. Thank you SO much for finding my silly and stupid error. Grr, I loathe when that happens. Thank you again so much!

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